About Us

You want to raise money online for a project, a startup venture, a charitable initiative or even a political campaign, but you don’t know which online crowdfund platform is best for you. We do.

The RaiseMoney.com global crowdfund search portal was created by a team of seasoned research experts, finance industry due diligence professionals and marketing industry gurus who have decades of experience identifying the best strategies to raise money, including how to best leverage crowdfunding and other online capital raising platforms.

RaiseMoney.com is your global directory of the several thousand online “crowd-funding,” “equity crowdfunding,” “start-up funding,” “peer-to-peer lending”, “capital raising” and “angel investing” sites that include the best platforms to list your specific project in the course of soliciting funding.

To locate the list of platforms that will help raise money for your type of project or business, the RaiseMoney.com global directory of 3rd party crowdfunding, start-up funding, project financing and other money raising sites makes your first step towards raising money easy and efficient.

For example, if you are a start-up business and you would like to create a crowdfunding project for a personal cause, you would likely not be accepted on Kickstarter, but you would be accepted on FundAnything.com, FundRazr.com, Fundly.com, GoFundMe.com, or the many others that cater to ‘personal’ requests. If you want to raise capital for a “brick and mortar” health food store, you would want to put your best pitch on a platform that specializes in start-up retail businesses.

If you are in advanced and/or early, but fast growth stage of your business and you are prepared to offer equity in your enterprise, you will want to identify “equity crowdfunding” sites that specialize in connecting entrepreneurs with real investors who will provide money to you in exchange for an equity stake in your business.  Before you frame your pitch to raise money from this investor group, you might want to review prior episodes of ABC’s Shark Tank television show.

If your project is “non-profit” and is based on donation-based support for a philanthropic or charitable initiative, you’ll want to promote this project on yet a different type of ‘crowdfunding’ platform.

Regardless of where you are located in the world or what type of business, charitable program or fundraising project you are seeking to raise money for, contact the experts at the RaiseMoney.com global directory search engine or navigate our platform to identify the best third-party websites that connect those in need of funding with those who care about your project.