Kickstarter Crowdfund Campaign for Sex Toy Creates Good Vibrations

November 4, 2016

What’s Next from the crowdfund campaign world? Its Fin! And, its the first female sex toy to be promoted on donation-based crowdfund platform Kickstarter!

Courtesy of Brooklyn, NY-based Dame Products, whose two female founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman are no virgins when it comes to entrepreneurial initiatives. The company’s latest product, called “Fin” was just introduced on Kickstarter and in the first day alone, it is creating really good vibrations among funding supporters.

Helping to seal the deal, founders Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman articulate  in their promo video “This isn’t out first rodeo!”

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Dame Products is launching Fin, which is a hands-on sex toy aimed at enhancing “natural intimacy.” It is the first crowdfunding campaign for a sex toy on Kickstarter.

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Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, photo courtesy of Dame Products

Fin is a “finger vibrator,” and it’s the second product from Dame Products, which was founded by Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman. Their sex toys emphasize unobtrusiveness, intuitive use, and function-first design.

While their first invention, Eva, introduced a hands-free option, Fin will serve as a fully hands-on device. Fin’s design enhances the natural movements of intimate touching by adding vibration, the company said. Dame Products raised money for Eva on Indiegogo in its earlier campaign.

Unlike most vibrators, Fin is worn between the fingers, optimizing agility and ease of use. The vibrator features a removable tether and fits both women’s and men’s hands. It can be worn at the tips of the fingers, the base of the palm, or on the backside of the fingers — allowing the wearer’s fingers to have direct contact with their partner (or themselves) with resonating vibrations from Fin.

Kickstarter Crowdfund Campaign for Sex Toy Creates Good Vibrations