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List your crowdfund platform and help entrepreneurs and Startups Raise Money…via the global search directory. It is that simple.. is the ‘yellow pages’ for those who seek to raise money and searching for the best crowdfunding platforms and angel investing websites that promote fund-raising initiatives for innovative projects, start-up businesses, charitable programs and political campaigns.

The search directory provides a listing of the best sites that provide crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, micro-finance services and angel investing.

Our Services section displays professional service providers that we have vetted and devoted to lawyers, accountants, marketing and advertising firms, web development boutiques and business plan writers who are experts at ‘framing’ your value proposition and private placement memos for equity crowdfunding campaigns.

We’re the World’s “Yellow Pages” for those seeking to raise money.

If you operate a crowdfunding or equity crowdfunding platform, or if you engage in any professional service that serves entrepreneurs or fund raising organizations directly, you want them to find you via the top-ranked directory on the Internet.


6-month listing fee of US$159.99/mo, which is just 5.33 Dollars (US) PER DAY for a total of Only US $954.00 to reach THOUSANDS OF Prospects

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