RaiseMoney.com In The News : Media Inquiries

The executive team at RaiseMoney.com is happy to answer all news media inquiries. We welcome being in the news, as long as you spell our name correctly!

Officially launched on Oct 1, 2015 (our first announcement is right here), RaiseMoney.com is fast becoming the global crowdfunding industry’s leading search directory of crowdsourcing sites.

We are also a primary research platform used by startups, entrepreneurs, charitable initiatives and Political Action Committees (PACs) who are seeking the best crowdfund platforms to raise money or secure capital funding via traditional crowdfunding, JOBS ACT-inspired equity crowdfunding, as well as via the growing universe of angel investor platforms, micro-lending sites and private investor forums.

The RaiseMoney.com global search directory of 3rd party crowdfunding, start-up funding, project financing and other capital raising sites makes the first raising money step by entrepreneurs easy and efficient.

Raisemoney.com also supports carefully vetted professional service providers that specialize in working with entrepreneurs who seek guidance in areas that include business plan preparation, website design and web development, accounting, legal, brand positioning, and social media campaigns for startups.

Please visit our contact page and provide us with your contact info and specific inquiry, so that we can be fully prepared to answer every question that you may have.

Thank you again for taking an interest in RaiseMoney.com for you press story.